Andrew's Gallery

Andrew (Brad and Lesley's first boy)

Andrew sits up

I think the car washing towels are in here.

Andrew at 3 days old

From the glass lined tanks of old Latrobe...

Andrew wearing his lid ghetto style

Andrew with some strange earmuffs

Andrew cheers for the Steelers

Andrew holding up Jack (his arm is really around Jack's neck)

Andrew tired

Andrew standing

Andrew in the tub

Andrew Splashing

Andrew in the tub

Why do I have to look like a frog

Dad, can you stop this stuff?

This is just part-time work until I finish school

Would you like to try one of our Famous Shakes?

Andrew's Pre-game meal

Andrew and his Bear

Lesley and Andrew on Superbowl Sunday

Andrew ready for the big game

Andrew with his toys

Andrew all talked out

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