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  2. Click on the following link (Video Codec) and select Run.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, click Run again.
  4. Click Next, then Accept the agreement. Click next 4 times, then Install.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Hit F5 (Refresh) and you should be able to click on any of the files below and Windows Media Player will start playing the selected file (after it downloads).  You should see "Connecting" in the lower portion of the screen.
  7. It may take awhile to download the first time so be patient.
  8. If you have problems email me brent@bucey.net

 Video Codec


Roll over and GRUNT.AVI   Will Golfing.AVI
Golf Ball.AVI Will's Golf Lesson.AVI
Holding my own bottle.AVI Andrew Putt-Putt.AVI
Peek-A-Boo.AVI Andrew Putt-Putt2.AVI
Jumping 1.AVI Jack and Uncle Bud.AVI
Jumping 2.AVI Peeing in Tub.AVI
Sitting Up.AVI Eating Duck.AVI
Jumping at Pool.AVI Tub Splashing.AVI
Pool Circles.AVI Jack Standing with Nana.AVI
Dunking.AVI Jack Crawling.AVI
First Bath in new bathroom.AVI Jack ties Nanas shoes.AVI
Finished Bathroom.AVI Almost Standing.AVI
Dry land Swim.AVI Jack walks to Nana.AVI
On My Belly.AVI Fumble Drill.AVI
Future Tour Winner.AVI Fumble 2.AVI
Jack in Yellow.AVI Catch.AVI
Jack with Grandpa on Vacation.AVI First time with wagon (ouch).AVI
Jack and Will Jumping.AVI How did we get in there.AVI
Jack Distracted by Guinness.AVI Loose Ball Drill.AVI
Jack eating.AVI Working up a sweat.AVI
Jack with Golf Ball on Vacation.AVI Jacks first time at the beach.AVI
Will Dancing.AVI Jack messing with a sleeping Dad.AVI
Will's Version of Hole in One.AVI  Couch walking.AVI
  Throwing Stuff.AVI (large file will take several minutes to download)
  Wagon Walking.AVI
  Wagon Walking 2.AVI
Up Close.AVI
  Jack and Tobi dancing.AVI