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Here is where we'll be documenting Jack's first year in pictures.  Expect lots of "firsts"

Jack at 30 minutes old!

I'm finally home. (12-17-05)

Jack gets ready to Give Mom her Christmas Presents

Guinness Jack and Kimberly

Christmas 05

Jack meets Uncle Brad

Jack and Grandpa

Christmas 05

Jack and Mom

Christmas 05

Zane and Jack ready to block for Carson

Jack meets the Nana (who help "Start All This!")

Nana hasn't lost her touch.


The "Little Guy" kickin' back!

Well "Big Ben" at least you're wearing one of the right colors!

Zanester, you flyin' the bird?

Jack watching the military channel

Just relaxing in my chair

Jack and the Big Dog

Jack and Guinness

Jack and Andrew watching the AFC title game

Andrew putting the smackdown on a Browns fan (Zane)

Jack Snoozing after the big game

He's a righty!

There's a smile

Happy Jack

Check out the toys

Jack and his Bear

Ben and Jack on Superbowl Sunday

Nana and Jack

Grandpa and Jack

Jack and his Terrible Towel

Jack working on his tackling

Ben and Jack

Ben and Jack

Jack doing his Hines Ward impression

Jack and his cousin Cade

Jack and his Bear

HMMM, Clean diaper!

Fresh out of the tub

This will be my Superhero outfit!

Close Up!

What BIG EYES you have

Mom with TWO babies? (Ben and Jack)

Ready for my bath

Jack on his firs vacation, high in the Rockies

More mountains

The twins and their boys

Ooops, how'd that get in there?

Jack and I sharing a private moment

Jack was whispering 'how much he enjoyed the view'

Jack and Mom hit the slopes

Jack and Grandpa

Grandma's first appearance on the Web

Hey, leave my ear alone!

Brothers and Sons

Jack checking out the concept car Toyota FJ Cruiser and the auto show.

I can now hold my head up!

What a pose!

My latest trick

This is not easy!

Grandpa, Jack and Nana

Jack and Nana

Jack chewing on Grandpa's finger

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